I was recently on an ordination panel (some of you traditional, old school types will know what that is). Basically, a staff member in a local church plant I’ve coached for the last year was being officially recognized by the church as a pastor in that house.
A panel of ordained guys will get together and ask questions of the candidate to encourage him and affirm the church’s decision.
One of the questions that I asked was, “Who gets to speak into your life? Who is it that knows you best and gets to encourage you, love you and give honest critique on your walk with Jesus?”
In other words, who has God put in your life who helps you grow closer to Jesus.
Normally, those people are physically in close proximity or at least we know them well. In other cases, we go to outside sources to help us grow. We all have leaders we pay attention to and take what they have to say to apply it to areas in our lives.
I pray you have your favorite teachers, writers, and preachers outside of the Vineyard that you listen to in order to grow stronger and better in your faith and as a leader.
I’m including a link to a podcast by Cary Nieuwhof, a Pastor, Author, and Christian Leader to whom I pay attention for my own growth. This podcast is a conversation with John Ortberg, a renown Bible teacher, Author, and Pastor. They center the conversation around salvation and what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus. It is not only a relevant topic for our time but also deals with the heart of our mission of helping people far from God find God and become fully devoted followers of Jesus.
Take some time this week to listen and maybe even be stretched, challenged, and encouraged by what you hear. If nothing else, it should be thought provoking and refocus our minds on why God has us here serving together:  https://careynieuwhof.com/mypodcast/
We all know people near to us and far from God who are just an invitation away from giving their lives to Jesus!
See you Sunday!
~Pastor Alex Kinchen