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Day 21: This is how we fight our battles.

Read 1 Peter 5 Call to Prayer In 1 Peter 5, after setting a high standard for church leaders, Peter instructs everyone to live rooted in humility — something we all need.  Humility has never been more important. In a time of division, humility allows us to become unified. Humility allows us to hear other’s perspectives. Humility comes from knowing we don’t have to fight our own battles, push our own agenda, or make a

Day 21: This is how we fight our battles.2020-08-18T15:34:33+00:00

Day 20: A call to remain faithful.

Read Revelation 2:12-17 A Call to Prayer In Revelation 2:12-17, Jesus encourages the church to remain faithful in the face of the enemy’s schemes. Though we’re in the world, we are not destined to fall into the world’s traps.  As you read, pray, and fast today, may you remain faithful. May you live in the face of uncertainty, resist temptation, and remain uncompromised. In a culture that allures and entangles, may you be steadfast and

Day 20: A call to remain faithful.2020-08-18T15:34:11+00:00

Day 19: Stand in the gap.

Read Ezekiel 22:17-31 Call to Prayer God actively seeks men and women of prayer. Through our prayers, the pain and suffering consuming our world can purify and strengthen God’s people. In Ezekiel 22, Israel had turned so far away from the Lord that their lives produced only evil and worthless results. While God’s character demanded punishment, His heart desired mercy through repentance. God looked for someone to stand in the gap, but found no one. 

Day 19: Stand in the gap.2020-08-18T15:33:51+00:00

Day 18: Resist through the Word.

Read Matthew 4 Call to Prayer Matthew 4 is an amazing opportunity to see that the sustaining power and steadfast ways of Jesus through the Holy Spirit are possible for us. When we humble ourselves, submit to God’s way, and walk in His Word, the ability to overcome the enemy’s schemes through the power of God is available to us.  Today, as you read, pray, and fast, humble yourself before God and His ways. May

Day 18: Resist through the Word.2020-08-18T15:33:32+00:00

Day 17: Now’s the time to get ready.

Read Matthew 3 Call to Prayer  In Matthew 3, John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus. The world’s greatest rescue story is about to unfold, and John tells the world, “Get ready!” As you read and pray, remember John’s call. The religious elite of the day trusted in their traditions and lineage to save them. When Jesus returns to rule and reign, He won’t be checking church attendance or asking who our parents are.

Day 17: Now’s the time to get ready.2020-08-18T15:33:14+00:00

Day 16: Where to find peace in a storm.

Read Mark 4:35-41 Call to Prayer In Mark 5, Jesus performed some of His greatest miracles — but not before He and His disciples encountered a violent storm crossing a lake.  The disciples’ fear of perishing was greater than their confidence in Jesus’ presence. They panicked, but Jesus commanded the storm to be still and it obeyed. Nothing could sway Jesus’ plans. Often, miracles come on the other side of a storm. As you continue

Day 16: Where to find peace in a storm.2020-08-18T15:32:53+00:00

Day 15: How to live in God’s Kingdom.

Read   Romans 12 Call to Prayer In the first 11 chapters of Romans, Paul lays out the fundamentals of the Gospel. Then in Romans 12, Paul explains how to live in light of the glorious grace Jesus offers us. Life in the kingdom is only truly possible with a yielded heart, a renewed mind, and a life lived through the gifts of grace that God has for you.  Today, may you be transformed through

Day 15: How to live in God’s Kingdom.2020-08-18T15:32:31+00:00

Day 14: How to be blessed

Read Matthew 5:2-16 Call to Prayer It can be easy to doubt God’s goodness. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus reframes what it means to be truly blessed. To be “blessed” means God has extended His benefits to you.  Are you poor in spirit, right now? Prepare for the kingdom of God to rush into your life. Are you deeply hungry for righteousness and justice? Get ready for God to satisfy you, deeply. God

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Day 13: We can be fearless

Read Revelation 2:8-11 Call to Prayer As you read, fast, and pray today, know that Jesus sees what you’re going through. He sees and understands every detail of your life. Whatever happens, know that Jesus preserves our life forever. The words of Revelation 2:8-11 are the words of the resurrected Christ. May you be captivated and encouraged by the words of our Savior - He has the power of an indestructible life.  May you find

Day 13: We can be fearless2020-08-18T15:31:42+00:00

Day 12: Rescue is what God does best

Read Isaiah 59 Call to Prayer Using brutal images, Isaiah 59 describes the effects of sin. Sin disconnects us from God making us blind and vulnerable. But while sin gripped us tightly in its coils, God stepped in to rescue us. “He saw that there was no man to intercede; then His own arm brought Him salvation” (Isaiah 59:16).   Today as you read, fast, and pray, know that Isaiah 59:21 is true for you. Though

Day 12: Rescue is what God does best2020-08-18T15:31:10+00:00
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