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Day 6: Where’s the love?

Read Revelation 2:1-7 Call to Prayer Jesus calls to us just as He did to the Ephesian church in Revelation 2. Have we abandoned the love we had at first? As you read, fast, and pray today, remember the love you had for Christ when you first believed. Return to the things that drew you close at first. Make Christ the center of every thought and action. In this world of uncertainty, He is our

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Day 5: What’s the wise thing to do?

Read Job 28 A Call to Prayer Job 28 reminds us that while we may want to do what’s wise, only God knows the way to true wisdom. “Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to turn away from evil is understanding” (Job 28:28).  If we want to be wise, we have to first repent of thinking we know it all. We have to repent of believing we don’t need help, of

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Day 4: Desperation won’t drive God away.

Read Psalm 42 A Call to Prayer  Psalm 42 reminds us that our desperation doesn’t drive God away. We can ask Him the hard questions like, “When?” and “Why?”  As you pray today, allow your heart to break over what’s been lost. Allow yourself to grieve the days when praise, thanksgiving, and celebration came easily. Remember the songs you sang and the verses you clung to.  May God fill you with hope as you remember

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Day 3: Hope never runs out.

Read Lamentations 3:20-40 Call to Prayer Lamentations 3 reminds us that when the future looks bleak, the days feel long, and injustice is everywhere, we find hope in knowing that God’s love and compassion never runs out. The breath in your lungs is proof of God’s faithfulness.  As you pray today, take your time. Breathe deeply, quiet your mind, and wait for the Lord. May His presence fill you with hope and allow you to

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Day 2: When we lose our way.

Read Lamentations 1 Call to Prayer In Lamentations 1, the prophet Jeremiah lamented, “The LORD is in the right, for I have rebelled against his word.” He wept over his sin and the sin of the people that had brought devastation to Jerusalem.  Today, as you read, pray, and fast, realize the seriousness of sin. Recognize the profound consequences that arise when God’s people lose their way.  But also remember hope. The Lord will not

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Day 1: Do you hear that?

Read: Joel 2:12-32 Call to Prayer Future generations will hear of 2020 and be amazed. Through this time of strife and disease, God is calling His people back to Him in full surrender. The alarm is sounding. It’s time to wake up! The Day of the LORD is coming. The LORD says, “Return to me with all your heart.”  Joel 2 is a wake up call for the people of God. God is calling our

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