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Day 17

Day 17 In the fifth chapter of 1 Peter, we find Peter giving a word of encouragement. He’s telling his fellow elders to keep watch over the church and telling the young people to mind their wise elders. Of everything he is saying, he’s also acknowledging the struggles that come with being a Christ follower. Even more so in that time but also true for today. We may or may not be in physical danger

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Day 16

Day 16 Hide and seek- it’s a game that we all played as a kid. That feeling of waiting in anticipation for the other kid to find you sometimes felt like years. Are they close? When will they ever find me? Sometimes in our faith, we can feel like we are hiding from God. Maybe we are ashamed of what we have done or not feeling spiritual enough to come to Him with our fears

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Day 15

Day 15 Reflecting on 2020 and what it has taught the Church at large, is that we are not in control. Proverbs 16:9 says , “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” There have been, and I know will continue to be  many times in my life that I attempt to create my own steps, and create my own path. This year has created quite the picture for how out of control I

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Day 14

Day 14 I was terrible at Math. However, pretty decent at comedy. Some would disagree. Here's a couple math jokes I found online at 11:00pm at night. Why doesn’t anybody talk to circles? Because there’s no point. What do mathematicians do after a snowstorm? Make snow angles! Why was math class so long? The teacher kept going off on a tangent. Why wasn’t the geometry teacher at school?  Because she sprained her angle. I'll stop. Math was all about

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Day 13

Day 13 The greek word used in Matthew 5:10 for righteousness is dikaiosynē. Look it up. It’s a lot of fun to try and say 10 times fast. It literally means: the condition acceptable to God. It doesn’t mean the condition acceptable to society; acceptable to culture; acceptable to your group of friends; or even acceptable to your Pastor. Righteousness is what’s acceptable to God. If we’re being honest, living in righteousness is hard. It’s hard because

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Day 12

Day 12 Albert Einstein famously said “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.” I really resonate with this quote in my own life. When I was sixteen, I knew it all. Now in my early 40’s I realize I truly don’t know much. And the beautiful truth about this revelation is that it leads to freedom. True wisdom doesn’t come from ourselves and our life experiences, but comes from God alone.

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Day 11

Can you feel the love? That’s the question many in the world ask themselves when they look at Christians. Jesus said our love for one another will prove to the world that we are HIS disciples. How often are we mindful of this reality? It’s actually terrifying when you think about it. It’s actually a lot of pressure. Do we take the time to love our neighbor? I know this is something I tend to forget,

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Day 10

Something that I love to see as a mom of two kids is when they are speaking life into each other. When they are encouraging the other in their school work or their extra curricular activities. Who doesn’t love someone cheering for them and giving them a little extra boost in the moment? As believers, we are instructed to spur one another in love and through encouragement. When one of my kids gets encouraged, it

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Day 9

In Psalm 46 we are reminded that God is our refuge and strength. Refuge means to be in a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble. As believers we have the opportunity to be constantly in the presence of God because of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. With this connection to our Father comes protection. God desires to protect us from all darkness, to place us in his will

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Day 8

God. For some reason we tend to always read that word as a name. Have you ever noticed that? It may be because it’s capitalized, or because often we’re reading it from the Bible. For some reason though, when we verbalize this name through our speech, it lacks that same respect or reverence as when we read it. We’ve turned this name into a multitude of things other than what it truly is. For some it’s

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